Friday, 23 September 2011

Thursday, 5 August 2010


I am thinking of printing out my CV on letter sized paper and using a paper cutter to cut down the middle so I have my information on separate cards. I have some really nice paper that is a bit vintagey that I want to print it out on.

I will be putting another image next to the handbag drawing...I just need to take a photo. I think I will have a few photos of my work printed, too. Then I will print out a folder in brown kraft card and mount a business card inside.

I'm going to print my logo/contact details on some of the nice CV paper and maybe punch it out nice, and then mount it with corners or eyelets:

So I guess a trip to the Hobby Lobby is in order. I have to go there, anyway. My grandma gave me some printed quilt blocks to embroider and I think I will send her the one I was working on, once it is done.

I need to get batting for the bit that is supposed to be quilted, though, and maybe some crochet thread and a hook for the edging...which I am not sure about yet. I'm thinking some simple vintage border for one of the books I have that is actually still in the U.S. It's amazing how much stuff I've dragged overseas in my suitcase. Actually, ridiculous is a more fitting word.

Bang, bang, bang...

I really like this song and really miss Jonathan Ross. Maybe it's because he was a lot funnier than Leno and got in trouble a lot for saying stupid crap on TV. But at least he dared to act like an idiot. People I couldn't have cared a bit for became actually interesting much of the time when he had them on his show. I blame the Beeb more than anything...even Graham Norton is getting lame.

Anyway, Mark Ronson was one of the last acts Ross had on his show and the song is stuck in my head. It's very good for driving in the car...on a mix CD along with Tom Petty, ABBA and the Andrews Sisters.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Starting from scratch...

Now that I am recently graduated (woo hoo!) I am really rather starting a new life. No pressure, right? Truth is, I have some bad habits and things that need to be adjusted in order for me to be anything. So I need to set some goals and find some ways that they can be achieved. And since I am super-duper anal retentive and awesome at making lists (I'm just not as awesome at doing the stuff on the lists) this blog is an excellent place to start and a great tool for keeping myself accountable. Or hopefully, anyway. Here goes...

1.) I need to find some sort of gainful employment. 
I am in a weird sort of post-grad, ex-pat limbo. I probably can't just get a full-time job in London (or anywhere) in my industry without more work experience and without a work to study visa - which costs a lot of money, and if I did get the visa and couldn't find a job it would be a waste of money. I can still do work experience because it pays cash...but not a lot of cash. But it would give me more opportunities down the road. I would like to spend a little time doing my own thing, but I am not entirely sure what that means.

- I need to talk to an advisor to sort my brain out once I get back to London. They can hopefully help me understand my options and what I need to do to not get kicked out of the country. Deportation is bad.

- I need to formulate a job-hunting plan with the feedback I get.

- I need to make a better CV. I thought I fixed mine up the other day, but I am bored with it. I suppose an employer would be, too. Some supporting documents (letterhead, cover letter template, postcards) would also be a bonus, even if just for random self-promotion. You never know!

- I need to sort out a decent portfolio. My stuff is in two countries and the flat work sucks. I need to find Illustrator and, well, learn how to use it better.

- I need to do a bit of creative research and develop a range of...something...that I can make without having to rely on outside resources.

- I need to create a rough business plan and research avenues I could pursue.

2.) I need to get up earlier.
I sleep way too late and get less done because of it. I need to break the night-owl cycle. It's wrecking my life and I am tired all the time.

- I need to create a habit and stick to it...and exercise more.

3.) I need to lose weight.
I am overweight and cranky about it. I found out today that I have high cholesterol and I am WAY too young for this crap. I am also tired of trying to find clothes that fit (I was skinny once, and it WAS easier) and being tired all the time (see also #2).

- I need to exercise a bit in the morning and walk more during the day (if that is possible, living in London out on the edge of nowhere). Maybe use my Kew membership a bit more often, and for walking and not just camping out on a bench and reading...though there will be some of that.

- I guess I need to eat fewer carbs. Less bread, fewer cheese and onion pasties and sausage rolls. But I am NOT cutting out my daily mocha. I would seriously die. For reals. Maybe I'll just drink a smaller one. With skim milk. Maybe.

- I need to eat regular meals and take stuff with me. I starve myself half the day and then go home to stuff my face with dinner. Bad plan.

- Quit drinking pop again. I did it once. It wasn't that hard.

- Cook more. No more ready meals! I don't eat much takeaway, so that's not a problem.

4.) Organise my damn house.
 It's not THAT bad, in general, but the closet (with all my craft crap and paperwork) needs a bit of Martha, ASAP. It's insane. I even bought nice boxes from Ikea to put it all in...and then my parents came to visit and I just filled them up with miscellaneous crap and shoved them in the closet. Not ideal.

- I just need to finish what I started! And finish decorating the flat for my own mental happiness. Hang the curtains, finish installing the hooks in the kitchen (for my vintage aprons and potholders!) and then thoroughly clean the place.

- Call a dude to clean out my garden. It's beyond me and every time I look at it I feel as though my head will explode. It'd definitely be much better to start from scratch. I know I don't have the patience or equipment to deal with it in this state.

5.) Sort out my finances.
I don't want to be seriously screwed when I decide I need a car or credit card and still have ancient debt.

- I need to square away the debt from a million years ago when I was retarded and living in Chicago. Getting a job is necessary for this to happen, so we'll cross this bridge when we come to it. Same with my college loans.


I guess that making a list is a good starting point. The only things I am prepared to do whilst on holiday (as in, before I am back in the UK next week) are fix my CV, find work for my portfolio and prepare whatever I need to prepare in order to get my shit together when I get back. I will enjoy my last few days of debauchery and then get down to business. I am totally going to kick life in the ass. After my much-deserved, post-graduation vacation.